NNS Error - I cannot access my account

I have not been able to access the Network Nervous System for three days because I always get the error shown in the pictures. Please help me Dfinity Team, I would like to access my account as soon as possible. Thanks for your help.


Are you on Android or iOS?

The error is commonly displayed because agent-js (used by nns-dapp too) does not support iOS < v15.

The error setBigUint64 happens because the function is not available on older OS (see caniuse).

That being said, we are preparing a polyfill that should help users using older phones getting in too.

But, if you have an up-to-date devices so please ping me as soon as possible, that would mean that my understanding is incorrect! Thanks in advance for the feedback.


Not related and probably a dumb question but curious about it: why is nns-dapp grey-ish and not dark-ish in your screenshots?

A new version of nns-dapp has now actually been proposed and your issue should be resolved without any update on your side, thanks to an agent-js polyfill patch PR #953.

Let me know if it works out?


It does work now. Thank you so much!

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Glad to hear that, thanks for the feedback