The NNS dapp needs some front-end love

I love and use the NNS dapp almost daily, I don’t even mind having to merge maturity daily it became a morning coffee ritual.

And while the dapp works very smoothly on my iPad / iPhone, on desktop (2 year old MacBook Pro on Chrome) is very jittery and unresponsive. I feel like it was developed mobile in mind, which is fine, but we should aim to make it work smoothly on both mobile and desktop.

Beyond that there are some questionable UI / UX decisions regarding button placements, however that I don’t mind so much.

Am I the only one having slight annoyance with this? Is a revamp in the works?

A revamp is in the works, it’s using a different framework (Svelte) so it should alleviate the issues with the current UI.

You could keep an eye on this repo for progress:


Can’t wait! I’ll try to run it locally later today. Thanks a lot!