New NNS Dapp Release. New Navigation Menu!


We have just released a new version of the NNS Dapp. A release with plenty of goodies.

The most important is the new navigation menu. Which will allow us to easily add more sections, such as the SNS we are currently developing.


This also includes many background improvements, such as the rendering of the payload of the proposals in the canister, instead of in the backend. This improves the user experience, specially in proposals with a WASM payload.

Another big change is the move towards using the Candid interface of the ledger interactions. This will allow us to remove a big dependency later in the year and make the JavaScript file smaller.

We also removed all the old Flutter project, which is going to improve the deployment process.

In summary, this is also a big release, just like the one from last week, when we finished the Svelte rewrite.

Now that the rewrite is finished, we are focused on adding new features and improving the current dapp.

Please let me know if you have questions or observations and as always, I am looking forward to your feedback.



Thats great, a feature that would make the experience much better would be a toggle to automatically compound maturity.


Noted! Thanks for the feedback.

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Yes, an on and off switch to auto compound daily or weekly would be nice. A report for rewards received to date would also be nice. An active price feed within the nns would be as nice.

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This is on the right track, thanks!


Fantastic work Dfinity!

• The input lag is nonexistent
• Loading times between pages are seamless. I even rapidly scrolled down the voting history of my neurons to see if everything would populate quickly. Disclaimer – It did!
• Structurally, the tabs and format of the page are much cleaner from a user perspective. The vertical orientation of tabs is quite nice. The slight change in hue of blacks helps my brain intuitively partition sections of the page. (I’m just a mere average Joe compared the intellectuals in this community. Mere average Joe approves! :grin:)

Our next target area should be in ensuring users are in-tune with the terminology being used on the NNS. (Cannister/Smart Contract, Nueron/Stake Pool & DAO participant, etc) Perhaps this is modification of words to something more user friendly, or rather, more user identifiable. The Dfinity team should relish in knowing they have created technology that is lightyears ahead of anything else. We don’t need to facilitate this pretense with exquisite words. Food for thought…

+1 to those who have already mentioned a toggle option for auto-compounded maturity, though I know this is being deep dived in another forum.

Excellent Job, Team!


I like. So buttery smooth.

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Yeah great work by the team.

I also agree with you on the terminologies. The front end is for users so let’s make it easier by using existing terms that the average person is already familiar with not only in blockchains but also web 2. Reserve the IC-specific words for the devs here. The user experience should take front and center, while the team and community devs ensure security, decentralization, or nerd stuff are handled at the level. As a user, I care about how easy and convenient are, not fancy words.

I love what Dfinity and community are building. I have already onboarded around 15 users ( not just investors) to the ICP ecosystem in just a month.


Pls am unable to merge maturity or spawn Neuron since the update took place on my Android phone. All the buttons are not working.

Kindly look into this.


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Hi, for me everything seems to work fine, so it’s most likely not a general problem, I’d suggest to:

  1. restart the phone
  2. update your phone and browser to latest version
  3. use different browser

I don’t work for dfinity, but if above doesn’t help I believe that devs will need at least following info (best in new topic for the problem):

  • phone type and Android version
  • used browser and it’s version

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks @plsak ! We chatted on twitter with @Skybanj and the issue happens on another Android phone too :thinking:. So it either has to do with the data or the tooltip on Android as it works fine for me on MacOS and iPhone. I am away from keyboard today, will test Android tomorrow or Monday and we will report.

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I just tested merging maturity on Android 12 (Opera 69.3.3606.65458) - worked like a charm, so you’ll see, if I experience some problems later I’ll also report here (or in a new topic).

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Thanks a lot for the test :pray:.

@Skybanj what Android version are you using? Which browser, Chrome?

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I’ll pass this feedback to UX, thanks! I also agree. We should simplify the concepts.

So a bit hard to tell what’s the error as we cannot reproduce it, however we think it is not related to the data but rather on the UI component on some Android devices. Therefore as pragmatic solution we will change a bit the button to display the tooltip only when needed and per extension potentially solve @Skybanj issue (PR L2-761: Cannot merge maturity and spawn on Android by lmuntaner · Pull Request #1044 · dfinity/nns-dapp · GitHub).

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Hi, can you make a proposal to DFINITY or someone responsible for this? who’s that is abusing spam proposals for rewards. just have a Spam button to disable voting rewards. There will be no reward for spam proposals when people choose the spam button on NNS. it will help eliminate spams.
Thank a lote.

Thanks for the feedback!

This is a topic that has been widely discussed at DFINITY and in this forum. If you want to jump in, you can search for example for “spam” in the forum: Search results for 'spam' - Internet Computer Developer Forum

For the computer version, I don’t think hide the menu is a good idea. I think the smartphone version, it is good, but for the computer version, the experience is very bad, since computer’s screen is big that you don’t need to hide it. Maybe you need to do this for better experience: for the computer version, don’t hide the menu and for smartphone version, hide the menu.

Thanks for the comment, The menu is always shown for screens larger than 1300px. For lower than that it’s hidden.

We could consider another break point. I’ll pass the feedback to our designer, thanks!

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