Additional safe guards against accidentally joining the community fund

Can we do something about how easy it is for someone to accidentally commit their neuron’s entire stake to the community fund- an action that is irreversible. I feel like if the action is going to be irreversible, there should be absolutely zero chance of someone performing said action by accident.

often when i go to my neuron from any mobile device, when trying to scroll down the page lags, causing an attempted downward scroll to be interpreted as a click. And since the “Join community fund” button is right there, front and center, of course that accidental click lands upon the “join community fund”. From there, I’m just one misplaced thumb away from committing my entire neuron stake to a community fund. Could the community fund button be disabled by default, and there be an additional button near the community fund button that allows users to toggle the “join community fund” button between enabled/disabled. This would reduced the chance of someone accidentally committing their neuron to the community fund.

edit: apparently I’m not alone in this. @kmanxhuka has apparently fell victim to how dangerously easy it is to accidentally commit your neuron to the community fund.


Yeah, like I mentioned, it happened to me accidentally. It’s a dangerous button.
I proposed to add a confirmation mechanism by writing the word “confirm” in a text field for the “YES” button to be active. I hope there will be improvements on the new promised interface.

Also, in another topic, a member of DFINITY team said that they will reverse the accidentally joined neurons before they publish the feature permanently.
So we have to be aware when this opportunity comes and take measures if needed.


fortunately, I’ve caught myself before every getting to the point where I’ve committed my neuron to the community fund. But i know that with the interface being set up like that, its only a matter of time before I accidentally commit my neuron to the community fund.

does the UI give you any indicator that your neuron has been committed to the community fund? and do you still receive staking rewards once you’ve committed to the community fund? also, after committing to the community fund, do you still have the option to dissolve your neuron if you wanted to?

Yes, some text appears as in the screenshot.

Yes, you still get rewarded maturity and have the option to merge it or spawn a new neuron from it.
And the option for dissolving the neuron is still there, but I didn’t try it.

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I also fell victim to this, and now regret pushing so early without a lot of information. Earlier I’ve read that the team possibly will create a time window to reverse your choice for joining—is this still the case?

Agree, the UX of the app could use some work, although the basics are great it needs some refinement.
Does Dfinity have an inhouse team working on the UX of such products?

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Here you have a statement which confirms the possibility to reverse this action:

and yes, as I’ve read in a topic in this forum, they are working on UI improvements and porting the NNS app on a different framework (Svelte).