NNS dapp all detail views UI refreshed

Hey :wave:

NNS dapp got another design iteration (:man_artist:) - all the detail views have been reviewed :smiley:.


Since few weeks we are actively developing UI improvements of NNS-dapp. Most recently, actually last week (see post), we refreshed the design of various lists following our designers’ inputs.

This week version that was proposed and executed on mainnet (see proposal) refresh all the “detail” views:

  • Wallet
  • Neuron
  • Proposal
  • Canister
  • Project

What’s next

We have been through all screens - except the main login screen. It has become shinier but there are still things that can be improved (both UI and UX wise). So we will discuss and define next steps together with the designers on a weekly basis and we will continue to iterate.

Don’t hesitate to ping us about the things you think that need to be improved as @Roman and @esquivada did following my last post. Thanks to their inputs, this release also unleash a sweet feature that makes the wallet and neuron title dynamic upon scrolling :+1:.

Hope you will like these new improvements!




Wonderful work David ! Really. Thank you so much :pray:


I awesome work. Great that you guys have a UX designer to work with the coders now. Another thing I think would improve the user experience on the NNS is allowing optimistic execution in the UI. Users should not have to wait until something is executed to move to the next one. If somehow, the execution could happen in the background with a pop-up message once it’s done that would be awesome. For example, when I am selecting followee I have to do each one at a time. It can take up to 10 seconds if not more before I can leave and move on to the next tasks.


Thanks a lot for your feedback @Sormarler! Actually, we have already implemented optimistic voting exactly in the way you proposed. But it is a very good idea to look into other places where we can apply this approach.


Really amazing, thanks for the fantastic work!!!

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