About why NNS dapp proposal 123783 was rejected

Hey everybody :wave:, I wanted to update you on why the foundation has voted NO on the last NNS dapp proposal #123783.

In short, we detected a UI issue that would have been introduced by the release.

In PR 2962, I fixed a small quirk happening on mainnet. When navigating to a proposal from the Launchpad and clicking “Back” in the dapp, it takes you back to the Proposals screen instead of the Launchpad.

Along with this fix, I also created a new component and moved some code, including the UI spinner of the login page, which is correct on the paper. However, this move led to a challenge with SvelteKit, specifically issue #5434, which we’ve been facing for a few months. The issue is related to the DOM not being properly cleaned and components not being destroyed as expected.

Fortunately, we were ultimatelly able to catch this issue with our E2E testing, which we are continuously improving and expanding to cover such cases in the future.

To resolve the problem, I moved the spinner back to the login page on Friday evening in PR #2999. As a result, the next version we propose will not have this issue and will also fix the original quirk it was meant to address.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further clarification.


Oh, and one more thing to note: if you happen to be using SvelteKit’s animation directives in your own projects, be aware of this issue (#5434). Likewise, if you come across a way to reproduce it with a sample repo or find a fix within Svelte code, please let me know!

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