Technical Working Group: Identity & Wallet Standards

Hello Everyone
As announced in Announcing Technical Working Groups find here the forum post for
Topic: Identity & Wallet Standards
DFINITY lead: @frederikrothenberger
Community leads: @brutoshi & @dostro
Coordinator: @marydwyer
Cadence: Bi-weekly Tuesdays at 5:00pm CET`
Hope to see you all there!
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Folder with decks and notes

Link to Gihub.


Hi, is there a recorded version of the event?

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Hi rbole how are you. We are not recording the sessions (yet), but taking notes. Please find here deck and notes.


I’m doing fine, thank for the link.

Team, find here the agenda to our next technical working group session happening on May 3, 5pm CET. Feel free to suggest agenda items and topics of interest you want us to discuss. Looking forward to next week. thank you :cherry_blossom:


Team looking forward to see you in today’s session. Find here the link to the Technical Working Group calendar and here the browser calendar view.

At least 2 of us can’t get into the meeting, we are getting an error “Host inactive” or something similar.

Same here, from all devices (macbook pro, iPad, Safari)

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Managed to get in; here’s the correct link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

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sorry for the inconvenience, can you please try to refresh the “technical working group” google calendar please?

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Team, goal of the working groups is to provide greater visibility into our roadmap and more opportunities for the community to provide feedback on DFINITY’s contributions to the Internet Computer.
We are happy the community leads for the Identity & Authentication working group:
@dostro and @brutoshi
Thank you for your engagement, looking forward to a successful collaboration.


Find here deck&notes from our sessions


Hello everyone! It’s a pleasure to work for you all.

By way of introduction, our team at Internet Identity Labs is on a mission to eliminate friction from the internet while constraining ourselves to absolute privacy and absolute security, and have introduced a few previews over the last few months of what we’re developing with NFID.

At the heart of NFID is Internet Identity, which we see as absolutely critical to the privacy and security of our online identities. Our goal for participating in this working group is to assist in improving core Internet Identity functionality without compromising privacy or security.

We’ve already worked with the community to submit PRs for two improvements, and hope these sessions will help prioritize more. So far we’ve:

  • Added support for Apple Passkeys (in Dfinity review)
  • Introduced improved recovery phrase protection from attack (in implementation review)

Looking forward to working with Bruce and the AstroX team on organizing the community effort towards improving the lifeblood of the future of the world’s online identities!


Team, find here agenda and notes for today’s session at 5pm CEST.
Link to calendar can be found here


I missed the announcement of the constitution of these groups, I just read your session notes. My question is did you mention the possibility of developing or evolving the system towards a SSI (Self-sovereign identity) model?

An identity and credentials can then be shared with other platforms SSI. Using verifiable credentials, identifiers, etc. Or do you think an SSI should use Internet Identity and build a layer on top ?

I think this is becoming a very interesting (hot) topic at the moment.

Thank you for your attention


@rbolog have you seen

I think @dostro and team have built what you’re describing.


Thanks for the link, I didn’t know about this solution. I’ll look into it further. At first reading, it doesn’t seem to me that this is an SSI. It represents only a part of it (one of 7 basic building blocks).

The following animation gives a good overview.

7 building blocks (Book: Self-Sovereign Identity Alex Preukschat, Drummond Reed)

  • Verifiable credentials (aka digital credentials)
  • The trust triangle: issuers, holders, and verifiers
  • Digital wallets
  • Digital agents
  • Decentralized identifiers (DIDs)
  • Blockchains and other verifiable data registries
  • Governance frameworks (aka trust frameworks)
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