Simple video for YT, how to create Internet Identity

Guys, does dfnity / internet computer have a simple , I’m talking of a real simple video, on how to make an internet identity anchor?

It should show,
What you need (yuubi key, ledger)
What not to do - (like, don’t use iPhone safari to make your IA)

A simple guide video that can be pointed to for new entry users.

Do we have something like this? If not Ild say we need such material asap if we want to attract masses of ppl.

We can’t expect everyone to run through forums pages and websites to understand how to create an IA.

I searched “Internet Identity” on YouTube and these were the top 3 results:

The second and third might be the type of thing you’re describing. They seem quite long, so perhaps they’re not simple enough.

However, my opinion is that if someone needs to watch a video to understand how to create an Internet Identity then the app needs to be improved so that things are more self explanatory.

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This video from @cryptoisgood is pretty straightforward. It includes how to set up an Internet Identity as part of the premise of the video, which is on how to stake ICP

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