Creating Internet Identity Anchor problem

I have a “default” principal but don’t have Identity Anchor. When I clicked “create Internet Identity Anchor”, web page asked for my USB Security key. This really confuses me. How should I do to create an Internet Identity Anchor. :slightly_frowning_face:

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You can find all information about Internet Identity here: What is Internet Identity? :: Internet Computer
What is it? How to use?

Basically it’s a secure, passwordless identity manager.

Thanks for your patience. I’ve read the doc. But I stuck on this step. By following the setps on I created a principal and got a wallet id, but now I have problem in logging in and create an Internet Identity Anchor. What did I miss? As you can see, when I clicked “create Internet Identity Anchor”, web page asked for my USB Security key .

I see, I think you missed that the cli and the browser are separated.
Unfortunately I didn’t try how can you use the same principal for both II and cli, but I guess you can’t affect what II uses.

If you worry about the given cycles you don’t have to, if you followed the instructions you already have them in the wallet associated to the cli’s principal.
Create a dfx.json in a folder with a content ‘{}’ and use dfx wallet --network ic balance to query your balance. Then you can start to develop on IC, deploying with command line.

I have a problem in trying to creat a identity. The grey window say Security key but don´t allow to change option or when i try to connect with my Ledger don´t react.

I am having these issue for more than a month now. Not able to create an identity anchor. On my phone it says browsers are out dated but i’ve uploaded all new browsers.

On my mac it cant find my yubikey or iphone. Only android is available? No device found, it keeps loading and saying i need to tap on device but there is no option to click on something for verification.

Hy @rawb - welcome to the IC forum!

Your device needs to support web authentication. That often means you have to have “screen lock” or PIN active – you can also check on – if that works, then II should work as well. Current versions of Android and iOS generally support web authentication, just the devices of some smaller vendors do not seem to work (since they do not support web authentication).

I am surprised that the Yubikey does not work on your Mac – we’ve never had a report of a Yubikey not working. We test that in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, and all seem to work fine for us. When the screen tells you to “tap on device”, it probably means you need to touch the metal part of your Yubikey.

Thanksss for responding so fast. I missed the step ‘tapping the metal part’. You’ve mad my day :innocent: