IA creation needs to be improved asap

If you ask 100 ppl what to do next and they have never heard of IC before.

99ppl won’t know what they need to do from here.

if this step doesn’t get improved, mass adoption can’t come

99% of normal Ppl don’t know whats a security key

  1. add a help link to this window, for a video or a website instruction with pics, something that takes 2 min to read or 2 min to watch.

2)make a warning, do not set up your IA with iPhone safari, when you delete browser history you will lose access if this is the only device linked to your account.

  1. I strongly suggest, a “ IC Authenticator” app to be developed asap, to be used as an option when you want to interact with an ic app or website on your phone.

You need to put non-techie users first asap, without mass adoption can’t happen.

There are so many ppl who try to enter, but can’t and lose interest and on this very first step.

You need to develop something and go on the street and try it on ppl, who have no idea. If these ppl then succeed, you are done.

This should be priority now.

I would even say, form a working group with ppl who are not developers, who are non techies or minimal. And make them to throw in ideas etc or watch them how they try to interact with first time IC access.

This needs to happen now, not next year or whenever.


Also "Installing Internet Computer " doesn’t sound to good, maybe Initialize Internet Computer is better. First time i was reticent when i saw is installing something