Should users be able to view reported and hidden posts?

Should users of this forum be able to view posts that were reported by other users (not moderators) and hidden?

Note: this is how the forum worked previously (requiring a manual user action to show hidden post content), but now those posts aren’t viewable at all.

  • Yes, allow allow users the option to un-hide hidden posts & view
  • No, keep current behavior
  • Just show me the results
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The fact that you can hide posts of opposing opinions and mark them as off topic is stupid. BoomDao thread blocked/hid every opposing post to the creation of the DAO

Hello @justmythoughts, Thank you for raising this issue. I looked into the issue you’re describing and I can verify that the visibility settings for moderated posts haven’t been changed.

When a post has been flagged by the community, and then moderated by a moderator, that post becomes hidden. There should be an option for an end user to then view the hidden post by clicking “View ignored content”. See screenshot for how this should appear.

If you’re not seeing an option to view the hidden post content, there may be something associated with your account settings that need to be adjusted. Let me know and we can assist with troubleshooting the issue.

cc @diegop

Yup, I sat with @Ang and confirmed the above.

That being said, here is what a logged out user would see for the same content (they dont get option to view content):

So if you do not see what @Ang posted, please let us know so we can troubleshoot or unearth a bug. Thank you.

I am logged in on multiple accounts with longstanding forum activity (not newly created) and still am not given the option to “view ignored content”.

Are you sure this isn’t an issue where those logged in with DFINITY team status can view, but non-DFINITY who are logged in are unable to view?

Can any non-DFINITY team confirm the ability to view a hidden post? Tagging @Zane & @wpb

You can see your own post when logged in but not others

Thank you for the report.

We tried with other users, but it is possible that they had a higher “usage level” (something discourse takes into consideration). @Ang and I will investigate further.

hmm when we tried with another user, this was not the case. Let us understand deeper. thank you for the report.

I remember being able to do it approximately 1 year ago, but now the option isn’t there anymore.

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Several months/1 year ago, there was a change to user permissions after which my visibility was decreased.

I previously had a higher discourse badge/trust level, and after the change was no longer at that level.


Yeah I remember it was fine a year ago too. So something changed


  1. @Ang and I are looking into this with more user accounts to understand what may be going on.
  2. We have not changed anything on the discourse forum settings so something else may have emerged.
  3. We are investigating the following:
  • possibility that flagged posts are getting many more user flags than before and perhaps that volume changes the visibility in new ways. In the last 6-8 weeks, user flags have skyrocketed tbh.
  • reports of user trust levels badges changing
  • possibly some moderator setting we were not aware of
  • known/reported discourse bugs

did they? (padding post out to 20 characters)

After looking into this issue, it appears to be related to a recent update made by the Discourse forum software. See here, here, and here.

Due to a recent change in how Discourse forum software handles flagged posts, once a post has been flagged and moderated it doesn’t appear that it is possible for end users to unhide the moderated post and “view ignored content” anymore. @justmythoughts

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I mean absolutely every post by @justmythoughts should be banned because he’s a paid troll who votes against every single positive decision by the foundation.

Hi @Ang and @diegop, will you be using THIS feature at all? Or just keeping all flagged posts hidden form all users from now on? “This commit adds a new site_setting to discourse, allowing custom groups to view hidden posts instead of TL4 users.”


It looks like the feature you mentioned is active, such that users with TL4 are currently able to view hidden posts. In theory this group could be expanded to enable different groups to view hidden posts.


I can’t tell if you are kidding or not, so I’m just going to stand up for @justmythoughts on this one just in case. He may have strong and well articulated opinions, but I don’t think he’s anti-Dfinity at all. His posts are typically genuine attempts to elevate the deliberation on topics in intellectually honest ways. His voice is one that’s worth hearing in my opinion.

In contrast, most of the people who are complaining about censorship on the forum really are bad actors who have no interest in civilized conversation. They routinely violate the forum rules and consequently get their posts removed or hidden. I think the idea of making those posts visible is ridiculous because it will just continue give them a platform for violating the rules. Moderation of public discussion is important. Anyone who wants to offer a counter opinion on a topic can always choose to do so in a civilized and intellectually honest way. When that happens they never get deleted or removed from the forum. There are plenty of platforms where people can go to express their discontent in ways that violate forum rules. I’d rather expect civilized conversation on the forum and enforce the rules to ensure compliance.


@borovan @wpb let’s please not focus on a particular user and keep this thread on its focused intent.

Let’s focus on giving @Ang the data points he needs as he investigates and understands the system further to see what changed and what has not.


That’s fair. No problem.

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