Should users be able to view reported and hidden posts?

Thank you @wpb. much appreciated.

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Hiding posts means that untrue information does not get shared. And, hiding the information behind a ‘enter-at-your-own-risk’ sign will just fuel conspiracy theories that there must be some truth to it since it was hidden behind a sign.
That said, people should be able to see posts hidden for other reasons. It is useful to know who you are interacting with prior to interacting with them.

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We’ve determined that the cause of the inability for users to view certain hidden posts was due to Discourse changing the default forum configuration settings in a recent update.

However, there appears to be an override configuration which will re-enable users ability to view hidden posts. Previously this was set to trust level 4. We have reduced it to trust level 1 as of today. The majority of users have Trust Level 1 or higher. Therefore they should be able to unhide flagged posts.

We will continue to monitor the situation and if this becomes a problem, we of course will iterate and may revert this change. Please remember that the primary goal is to maintain the integrity and usefulness of our forum. Your cooperation and understanding are vital in making this forum a safe and welcoming space for everyone.

As always, we remain open to your feedback and suggestions. If you have any ideas on how we can further improve our anti-spam efforts, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Let’s work together to keep our community vibrant, informative, and spam-free!


When will this change take affect, and is it retroactive? There are several hidden posts on existing threads that I still cannot see.

I respectfully disagree. I often unhide posts just to get a complete picture of a conversation. I think a mature adult should be capable of reading moderated content and deciding for themselves what their opinion of that individual should be. I understand why disrespectful and degrading posts should be hidden to avoid offending the target or casual readers and I support such moderation but I don’t support preventing others from willfully unhiding that content.

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I would agree if we were talking about posts that are hidden because the moderators are trying to control the conversation. However, civilized counter arguments and differences of opinion are not what are being hidden. The comments being hidden are blatant violations of the rules of the forum which include name calling, ad hominem attacks, offensive or abusive speech, harassment, impersonations, false accusations, etc. That stuff has no place on the forum. The rules are clear and hold us to a higher standard. That standard should be enforced in my opinion.

To be clear, I am very supportive of spirited debate. I just want that debate to be civilized. Anyway, I guess it’s a moot point since the forum policies have already been changed so these messages become visible again.

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I am aware of the standard, but I appreciate the effort you took to make it easier for me to review. Bless your heart.

No problem. I’m happy to help. It’s amazing we are even having this conversation.

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