Safari on mobile phone dont work

With the new upload of nns, my nns on safari dont work, i can log on my nns, but if i click all buttons dont work… what i need to do? I try to clean safari… not work

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Which iPhone version are you using?

Can you provide a screenshot (pm are fine) of what you mean with “but if i click all buttons dont work”?

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I have iphone 12 and use not last version 15.5 but 15.0… i mean that when i click on for example merge or spwan or join community fund dont work, if i click to enter into neuron menu or voting menu or canister menu work…

thanks for the feedback. if you click some buttons on the voting, accounts or canisters pages, does it works out?

I want to know if ALL buttons does not work or “just” the buttons on the neurons page

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Did you plan to upgrade your device? I’ve got iOS 15.5 and it works for me so asking myself if that can be related.

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On voting page blu buttons dont work… now i try to instal new ios 15.5

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oh finger crossed :crossed_fingers: keep me posted

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Bro now with ios 15.5 work… tnks <3

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Yes, happy to hear that!

Not sure but I have the feeling that the css inset property we use for the modal, despite of being officially supported by Safari as of version 14.5 (see caniuse) is actually buggy on iOS older version.


For the record, it looks like the issue was indeed the css property inset which despite being listed as supported according spec seems to be buggy on some not up-to-date devices. Therefore we pollyfied and replaced inset with boring css top, right, bottom, left (PR #1073) props to support such devices too.

Workaround has been proposed on mainnet today.

Seems Apple is trying their best to make Safari the new Internet Explorer for web devs with their alternative and non standard compliant way of doing things.

Hiring Jen Simmons improved the communication around Safari and they began to ship interesting features to reduce the gap - e.g. subgrid or web push notifications recently (Safari beta 16 release notes). So it seems at least that they try to improve a bit, in addition to recent EU law about their monopolistic position on iOS, things hopefully will move on a bit to avoid the a full internet explorer scenario :crossed_fingers:.