Internet Identity - Safari - PassKey

If I try to use the II for login with Safari 16.0, I can only use a security key (which I don’t have) ?
If I try the same on Safari 16.1 I have the choice between security key and QR code implementation, the QR Code implementation still works.

How can I solve this issue with Safari 16.0?

Thanks Roland

Hi @rbole

I just checked with Safari 16.0 on my MacBook and it gives me the choice between TouchID and YubiKey (defaulting to TouchID as it should).

However, if you attach a MacBook to a docking station a close the lid, Safari will no longer offer TouchID because the sensor is not accessible (since the lid is closed). Which might not be most intuitive behavior. Might this be the issue?

Other than that, could you try to remove the Safari 16.0 device from your anchor and add it again, to see if it offers TouchID for device registration?

Hi @frederikrothenberger thank you for the fast response.

I use an iMac and there is no docking station, finger print or face-Id used on the iMac OS 12.6.

I have removed the iMac as device from the anchor and know I can not add this device again with the same error like before.

Although if I use Chrome on this iMac II works. The problem only exists with Safari.

This is really strange. I unfortunately cannot reproduce that behavior. Is there anything special browser in the browser logs?

I have also recognized that on an iPad I have to use the QR Code, since some days. Until now I was used to use the FaceId? Is this behavior new? I know this behavior only from Safari on iPad.

Am I the only person how has recognized this?

One further observation on this topic is, that iPads face recognition is not working on my iPad on Chrome and Safari anymore, instead I have to use a passkey from the iPhone for example.