Release Notes for new replica version d004a

Dear IC Community,

we are happy to announce a new replica version that will get proposed to be elected within the next 72 hours.
The release notes are as follows:

* Consensus: Canister Pool Rework
* Consensus: Support --subnet-features flags in ic-starter
* Consensus: handle ecdsa node membership change
* Crypto: CRP 1320: Add Threshold ECDSA interfaces for verifying signature shares and combined signatures
* Crypto: Implement iDKG verify_opening and verify_dealing_private for IDKM+CSP
* Crypto: Optimize how interpolation is performed in Threshold ECDSA
* Crypto: Public verification of Threshold ECDSA dealings (CSP/IDKM)
* Crypto: Split out the parts of which have external dependencies
* Crypto: Upgrade miracl_core_bls12381 to 4.1.2
* Execution: Add BitcoinState to the ReplicatedState
* Execution: Add Canister HTTP response type
* Execution: Add a --subnet-type command line argument to ic-starter
* Execution: Add internal bitcoin types
* Execution: Create public bitcoin types crate
* Execution: Enable sandboxing on MacOS
* Execution: Ensure that PageMaps of the tip state are based on read-only files
* Execution: Implement bitcoin payload builder
* Execution: Make execution owners of the BitcoinPayloadBuilder
* Execution: Populate ECDSA subnets and bitcoin testnet subnets in NetworkTopology
* Execution: Rate limit install_code messages based on instructions
* Execution: Remove dependency of ic-embedders on regex
* Execution: Rename raw_tx to transaction in SendTransactionRequest
* Execution: Support MacOS in the mmap-based page allocator
* Execution: Update system tests to use u128 cycles
* Execution: Use NetworkTopology in resolve_destination
* Execution: Use single entry point for sending requests to the Bitcoin Adapter
* Execution: Use the same build profile for the sandbox
* Message Routing: handle Wasm file serialization more efficiently
* Message Routing: lint: add a negative dependency checker
* Message Routing: reduce canister sizes
* Message Routing: remove canisters that are not in routing table
* Networking: Add adapters config to the replica config; add function that constructs the Bitcoin client based on the uds path.
* Networking: Add metrics for the flow workers
* Networking: Add separate btc adapter service grpc crate
* Networking: Add separate http adapter service grpc crate
* Networking: Add the orchestrator and the WG as negative deps for the replica
* Networking: High memory update nightly.
* Networking: Move fetch_gossip_config into the lib module. Rename P2PEventHandlerImpl into AsyncTransportEventHandlerImpl
* Networking: Simplify nightly performance test.
* Networking: Update the json5 crate and remove it where not needed
* Networking: Use seconds suffer for a prometheus metric
* Node: Don't need wg subnet
* Node: Fix ansible dependency + migrate to use pipenv instead of directly running Python
* Node: Fixed get_hostname occurrences missed by CI

The proposal for electing the new replica version is out since yesterday and should be adopted soon.

The rollout was completed successfully by updating the NSS subnet. This release introduced more optimisation regarding the sandboxing which allowed us to run the feature on all subnets.
The next release was proposed last Friday. The rollout starts today.