Release notes for new replica version 8cae4

Dear IC Community,

we are happy to announce a new replica version that will be proposed to be elected in the upcoming hours.
The release notes are as follows:

* Consensus: Fix a bug in ecdsa payload builder when detecting membership change
* Consensus: Increase dkg interval length in tecdsa_add_nodes_test
* Consensus: Ingress Payload Refactor
* Consensus: Only make new consensus blocks until we have a finalized height that exceeds the upgrade height
* Consensus: Simplify ECDSA pool
* Crypto: Add a remote CspVault option to CryptoConfig
* Crypto: Add protos definitions for initial IDKG dealings
* Crypto: Add proper defaults for CryptoConfig
* Crypto: Add integration tests for IDKM open_transcript()
* Execution: Add more `execute_*` benchmarks
* Execution: Add fee for ECDSA signatures
* Execution: Add performance report for LTO
* Execution: Add service to invoke anonymous query execution
* Execution: Add stable-structures crate
* Execution: Adjust complexity for 5 system API calls
* Execution: An allocator for `StableBTreeMap`
* Execution: Bitcoin: Add pagination enum to `GetUtxosRequest`
* Execution: Bitcoin: Return an error if min_confirmations is too large
* Execution: Bitcoin: Return the tip block hash/height in the response of GetUtxos
* Execution: DTS: Implement a mechanism for pausing and resuming execution
* Execution: Disable rate limiting flags in ic-starter
* Execution: Fix an assertion in the page allocator
* Execution: Increase the instruction limit for install_code on verified subnets (2)
* Execution: Introduce execution config flags for disabling rate limiting
* Execution: Update provisional create to support 128-bit cycles
* Execution: fix the default value of the flag introduced in e68542
* Message Routing: Add support for `done` ingress history status to replicated and canonical state
* Message Routing: Fix wrong field names when printing errors upon deserializing IngressStatus
* Message Routing: Reorganize PageMap handling in StateManager
* Networking: Hide the gossip interface only to the P2P
* Networking: Act on messages from the connection manager asynchronously instead on periodic intervals
* Networking: Add the abstract interface that the canister http adapter shim/facade will be implement
* Networking: Build the ic-btc-adapter for dfx
* Networking: Few p2p style changes
* Networking: Make the TransactionManager owned by a single thread and use a channel for communicating with it
* Networking: enforce https for canister http adapter
* Orchestrator: Improves CUP persistence logs
* Various bug fixes and test updates

We had a last minute finding that had to be cherry picked into the latest release. We therefore need to provide a new commit hash and the corresponding proposal for election.

This was a very special rollout week. We completed the rollout today by upgrading the NNS subnet but not with the replica that we started with. We just posted an update according to our security patch policy and procedure explaining what happened here.


The release notes for the next replica version can be found here.