Release Notes for new replica version

Dear IC Community,

we are happy to announce a new replica version that will get proposed to be elected within the next 48 hours.
The release notes are as follows:

* Consensus: ECDSA signature share support

* Consensus: Integrate ECDSA payload building into consensus

* Crypto: Add verification of IDKG (Threshold ECDSA) dealings

* Crypto: Check for sufficient signers contributions when verifying multisignature on a dealing during transcript creation

* Crypto: Implement IDKM and CSP layers of `sign_share` and `combine_sig_shares` for tECDSA

* Crypto: More CSP changes for process separation

* Crypto: Threshold ECDSA signature protocol

* Crypto: Use a better error for unexpected PEM labels

* Execution: Continued work on the canister sandboxing

* Execution: Eagerly free mmap-based pages

* Execution: Preparation work for the 128-bit cycle balance in canisters

* Execution: Restrict Cycles Minting to Cycles Minting Canister (CMC) only

* Execution: Simplify open/close execution requests

* Execution: Simplify tracking of compiled Wasm

* Execution: Small optimization in `socket_read_messages`

* Execution: Speed up serialization/deserialization of `ApiType`

* Execution: Stub of BitcoinPayloadBuilder

* External Registries: Add bitcoin header validation

* IDX: GitLab CI Canister Build & Dependencies

* IDX: compatibility with MacOS

* IDX: Reproducibility Hardening

* Message Routing: Account for preallocated chunks in state sync metrics

* Message Routing: Enable incremental manifest computation and improve manifest computation metrics

* Message Routing: Panic on unsupported certification version

* Node: Allow backup user to read registry local store

* Node: Continued work on the canister sandboxing

* Node: Ensure stable machine id

* Node: Increase root file system size from 2GB to 3GB

* Node: Reduce allocation to 490 GB RAM for mainnet to prevent OOMs on the host

* Node: Scalability testing suite

* Orchestrator: Do not fetch the same CUP from multiple peers

* Orchestrator: Enable upgrading of unassigned nodes

* Orchestrator: Rename NodeManager to Orchestrator

* Orchestrator: Trim down ReplicaVersionRecord

* Various bugfixes and test updates

Thanks for the update, @Luis !

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I updated the link to the corresponding RC branch and had to update the release notes due to some last minute changes.

The proposal for the election of the new replica version was placed:

The rollout of the new release started:


The rollout of the latest replica version is proceeding without any issues. We can already see a huge improvement in the manifest computation of our state manager with the latest release. This chart shows the difference in one of our subnets with a huge state size before and after the version upgrade:


These changes are now available for testing in dfx 0.8.5, which has been released but not promoted. To install 0.8.5 now, you can use the command

DFX_VERSION=0.8.5 sh -ci "$(curl -fsSL"
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Last minute we got a minor hotfix in that needs to be rolled to the k44fs app subnet that has a running incident.
Still a good release. The bug existed since Genesis.
Expect a new proposal soon electing a new replica version.


The rollout of this replica version was completed yesterday by the upgrade of the NNS subnet.
The next RC is already announced and currently qualified.

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