Release Notes for new replica version b502c

Dear IC Community,

we are happy to announce a new replica version that was already proposed to be elected. We decided to place the proposal Fridays if possible instead of Monday to give the community enough time to vote on it.
The release notes are as follows:

* Consensus: Build only the required transcripts
* Consensus: Consensus changes for resharing
* Consensus: Don't corrupt dealer's share
* Consensus: Fix for missing summary block in block chain cache
* Consensus: HandleInvalid for validated pool
* Consensus: Rename GetECDSAPublicKey to ECDSAPublicKey and remove mock implementations
* Crypto: Enable interactive DKG encryption key during node key generation
* Crypto: Initial dealings for IDKG XNet resharing
* Crypto: Upgrade k256 crate to v0.10.3 to fix point serialization bug
* Execution: Add label for old call context age
* Execution: Add two more metrics in BitcoinPayloadBuilder
* Execution: Compute initial ECDSA dealings ic00 method
* Execution: Fix the error message for exceeding the instruction limit
* Execution: Handle SelfValidatingPayload in message routing
* Execution: Increase subnet capacity to 350GiB
* Execution: Route ECDSA requests
* Execution: Support for calling mechanism into execution required http_requests
* Message Routing: Add `CanisterMigrations` into `Registry` and `SystemMetadata`
* Message Routing: Enforce subnet message memory in all places
* Networking: Pass the rt_handle as arg in construct_ic_stack
* Networking: Remove old naming in http adapter
* Networking: Remove the interface for the p2p ticker.
* Networking: Remove the rpc_bridge file
* Networking: Remove unneeded slog deps
* Networking: Use single thread per flow
* Networking: Use the replica logger instead of the generic slog::Logger
* Networking: add single socket systemd check
* Networking: add uds path option to canister http adapter
* Networking: http adapter logging
* Orchestrator: Fix recovery without replica upgrade
* Various bugfixes and test updates

The proposal was executed. Thanks for your votes!
We will start with the rollout today.

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This week’s rollout went well as usual. Next week’s release was already announced.