Release notes for new replica version dfdba

Dear IC Community,

we are happy to announce a new replica version that will be proposed to be elected in the next hours.
The release notes are as follows:

* Consensus: Thread canister http pool through to consensus and Add Interface for Accessing Content
* Crypto: Extend the MEGa encryption scheme used in threshold ECDSA with a proof of possession (PoP).
* Crypto: Add a logger for remote CSP vault.
* Crypto: Add protos for all the remaining tECDSA messages.
* Crypto: Improve clib Threshold ECDSA test coverage.
* Crypto: Move iDKG proto-conversions to ic-types.
* Execution: Assert instruction counter is sane
* Execution: Compare instruction refund to initial limit
* Execution: DTS: Introduce total and slice instruction limits
* Execution: Remove unused wasm injected functions
* Execution: Use flag to enable or disable IC_00 http_request method
* Execution: Verify the instructions left from sandbox
* Message Routing: Explicitly handle `done` status in canister client
* Message Routing: Explicitly pair input and output queues
* Message Routing: More efficient `ReplicatedState::put_canister_states()`
* Networking: extend to pass a bitcoind address as dns seeds to the btc adapter
* Networking: extend the replica config to contain UDS paths for btc testnet and mainnet
* Networking: move HttpMethodType into rs/types/ic00_types
* Node: Configure Dante and Stunnel for socks proxy
* Node: Update command to copy binaries at the correct place for disk image build
* Orchestrator: Log delivery of batches at CUP heights
* Various bugfixes and test updates
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This weeks rollout went well as usual. Next week’s release was announced here.

The rollout was completed yesterday by updating the NNS and spare nodes.