Release notes for new replica version 0ef2a

Dear IC Community,

we are happy to announce a new replica version that will be proposed to be elected in the next hours.
The release notes are as follows:

* Consensus: ECDSA summary protobuf
* Crypto: Address informational notes from the NCC review on threshold ECDSA
* Crypto: Extend check_keys_with_registry to report unregistered iDKG key
* Crypto: Extend local key check to ensure iDKG secret key exists
* Execution: Bitcoin: Migrate `address_to_outpoints` to use `StableBTreeMap`.
* Execution: Bitcoin: Use `PageMap` instead of a vector in `StableBTreeMap`.
* Execution: Use `CyclesBalanceChange` to track cycles changes in the sandbox
* Execution: Enhancements to `PageMapMemory`.
* Execution: Implement pausing and resuming of execution in sandbox
* Execution: Instrument Wasm modules once in sandbox
* Execution: Remove unnecessary memory references in BitcoinState
* Execution: Remove unused NoOpSelfValidatingPayloadBuilder
* Execution: Restore the instruction limit for install code messages
* L2/Message Routing: enable cmc notify endpoints
* L2/Message Routing: expose metrics from cmc canister
* Message Routing: Bump the certification version to 8
* Message Routing: Reduce extra checkpoints by 1
* Message Routing: Reject oversized XNet payloads
* Message Routing: Transition ingress history statuses to done when at limit
* Message Routing: Use separate thread pool for checkpoint loading
* Networking: Add a systemd process that will run the BTC adapter that talks to BTC mainnet
* Networking: Canister Http response types
* Networking: add headers to canister http request
* Networking: make response fields public in canister http response
* Node: Add boundary node team as code owners for rs/src/tests/boundary_nodes_integration
* Node: New system image scripts and bazel build glue
* Orchestrator: Registration of the iDKG keys for the new nodes
* RegistryClient: Add method to retrieve the max block payload size on a `SubnetRegistry`
* Various bugfixes and test updates
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This weeks rollout went well as usual. Next week’s release was announced here.