Release Notes for new replica version c3027

Dear IC Community,

we are happy to announce a new replica version that will get proposed to be elected within the next 72 hours.
The release notes are as follows:

* Crypto: Improve IDkgTranscriptParams constructor
* Crypto: Fix dealer index in create_dealing
* Crypto: Fix flaky test in threshold ECDSA crypto library clib
* Crypto: Fix incorrect check for sufficient openings when loading transcript with openings
* Crypto: Implement load_transcript_with_openings for IDKM+CSP
* Crypto: Improve Threshold ECDSA combined signature verification
* Crypto: Cleanups and fixes for Threshold ECDSA crypto library
* Execution: Add canister metrics
* Execution: Bogwar/ledger block encoding
* Execution: Bump up the libc version for malloc_trim()
* Execution: Change validation of custom sections size to use total size
* Execution: Introduce HTTP request context to SubnetCallContextManager
* Execution: Introduce HTTP_REQUEST method in IC00
* Execution: Propagate Embedder config to canister sandbox
* Execution: Replace cbor_serde with bincode in sandboxing IPC
* Execution: Return memory after compiling wasm
* Execution: Upgrade wasmtime to version 0.33.1
* Message Routing: Fix incremental manifest computation after restart
* Message Routing: Skip unnecessary manifest computation after upgrade
* Message Routing: Use copy_file_range when copying files/chunks in state sync
* Networking: Fix two issue from benchmark CD pipeline runs
* Networking: Make sure ElasticSearch data points are sent for all max-capacity scripts.
* Networking: Use the protobuf definitions from ic-protobuf
* Node: Implement info flag on orchestrator
* Orchestrator: Parameterize SSH Access Manager and more
* Various bugfixes and test updates
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The proposal to elect the first version with sandboxing enabled is out: Internet Computer Network Status

And here we have the version with sandboxing disabled: Internet Computer Network Status
The rollout already started.

The rollout was completed today by updating the NNS subnet.
The next RC is already undergoing the final qualification tests.