Release Notes for new replica version 257c2

Dear IC Community,

we are happy to announce a new replica version that will get proposed to be elected within the next 72 hours.
The release notes are as follows:

* Consensus: Init artifact pool before creating state manager
* Crypto: Add a clib function to check validity of MEGa public keys
* Crypto: Adding IDKG open_transcript functionality to IDKM+CSP layers
* Crypto: Address inconsistencies between AlgorithmId and AlgorithmIdProto
* Crypto: Check validity of IDKG opening before returning it
* Crypto: Improve and test tECDSA generalized BIP32 key derivation
* Crypto: Implement IDKG verify_transcript for IDKM+CSP layers
* Crypto: Generalized field elements and field arithmetic via macro
* Execution: Adjust instruction limit for subnet messages
* Execution: Ignore auto-generated files in rs/protobuf/gen/bitcoin
* Execution: Increase the instruction limit for install_code on verified subnets
* Execution: Move resolve_destination to system_api
* Execution: Remove sigsegv_handler_debug feature
* Execution: Remove unused dependencies
* Execution: Validate the SelfValidatingPayload at the time it's created
* Message Routing: Document `ic_canonical_state` crate. Drop explicit max supported version
* Message Routing: Take starting height as argument in StateManager constructor
* Message Routing: `ic-canonical-state`: Test all supported certification versions
* Monitoring: Bump `pprof` dependency to 0.6.2
* Networking: Add the bitcoin adapter client interface to be used by the payload builder from consensus
* Networking: Make sure start is called before we try to broadcast a message
* Networking: Prevent systemd from stopping btc adapter restart attempts
* Networking: Use parking_lot::RwLock instead of the std to prevent writer starvation
* Networking: Use the available rt_handle to spawn new tasks
* Networking: Use tokio oneshot channel for sending back the result from execution
* Networking: use size hints in http handler
* Orchestrator: Add sticky bit permission to cups folder
* Orchestrator: Handle the NNS recover case for all unsigned CUPs
* Various bugfixes and test updates

Both proposals for the version with and without sandboxing are out.

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The rollout is running smoothly although we had to place a new proposal for the version without sandboxing due to an issue with the reproducibility of the artifact.
The release notes for next week’s release are out.

The rollout was completed today by updating the NNS subnet.