Release notes for new replica version 3ad31

Dear IC Community,

we are happy to announce a new replica version that will be proposed to be elected in the next hours.
The release notes are as follows:

* Consensus: Add CanisterHttp payload section
* Consensus: Implement CanisterHttp priority function
* Consensus: Implement CanisterHttpResponseAttribute
* Consensus: Implement CountBytes for CanisterHttpTypes
* Consensus: Implement Protobuf for CanisterHttpPayloadBuilder
* Consensus: Match ECDSA requests and quadruples in order
* Crypto: Adding customizable timeouts for CSP Vault calls.
* Crypto: Adapt error message in PreSignatureQuadruple constructor to include transcript IDs
* Crypto: Move threshold key DER-encoding to a dedicated crate
* Crypto: Use lightweight DER encoding utility in ic-admin and ic-certified-vars-test-utils
* Crypto: Introduced hash-length check to the Threshold ECDSA inputs constructor
* Crypto: Remove obsolete tokio dependency from ic-interfaces
* Execution: Bitcoin: Introduce BitcoinStateBits
* Execution: Bitcoin: Remove "strict" flag in state.
* Execution: Include BitcoinState in ReplicatedState's equality
* Execution: Make Rust equivalent of protobuf EcdsaConfig
* Execution: Route ECDSA requests using key
* Execution: Store Bitcoin PageMaps in ReplicatedState.
* Execution: Upgrade wasmtime 0.35.3
* L2/Message Routing: improve StateMachine API
* L2/Message Routing: state_layout: mmap files when parsing protobuf
* Networking: Improve the documentation of the http handler
* Networking: Rename CanisterHttpHeader to HttpHeader in rs/types/ic00_types; use the same headers type in rs/types/types.
* Node: Create HostOS
* Node: Push sudo out of orchestrator
* Node: Rework upgrade handling via manageboot script
* Orchestrator: Introduce prepare_upgrade
* Orchestrator: Registration of the newly created iDKG keys for the existing nodes
* Various bugfixes and test updates
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This release wasn’t rolled out due an incident that will be explained separately. The changes were added to next week’s release that what announced here.