Release notes for new replica version 7424e

Dear IC Community,

we are happy to announce a new replica version that will be proposed to be elected in the upcoming 24 hours.
The release notes are as follows:

* Consensus: IngressSelector refactor
* Consensus: ECDSA pool persistence
* Crypto: Adding integration tests for IDKG's verify_opening()
* Crypto: Address constant-time issues in fe-derive macro output
* Crypto: Rewrite Lagrange interpolation to use NodeIndex instead of EccScalar
* Execution: Assume EcdsaSigningSubnetList is empty when missing
* Execution: Bitcoin: Use BTreeSet in address_to_outpoints
* Execution: Fix subnet ECDSA config check in registry
* Execution: Limit the size of error messages in ic0.trap
* Execution: Propagate AnonymousQueryService down the stack
* Execution: StableBTreeMap: insert, get, remove, contains_key, len, is_empty, iterator
* Execution: Use StableBTreeMap to store UTXOs
* Execution: Upgrade Wasmtime to version 0.34.1
* Execution: Use checked subtraction when calculating response refund
* Execution: Use the SubnetId protobuf type in registry
* Message Routing: Add reject signals and reroute rejected replies
* Message Routing: Do not load checkpoints under exclusive lock
* Message Routing: ic-canonical-state compatibility proptests
* Message Routing: More efficient input queue reserved slots computation
* Message Routing: Remove deprecated requested_to_remove_states_below
* Message Routing: Separate package for certification version
* Message Routing: Use an enum for certification version type
* Message Routing: Validate `RoutingTable` and `CanisterIdRanges` when decoding
* Networking: Add the shim type that will be used by consensus
* Networking: Correct artifacts copying folder
* Networking: Don't use nested (dep) protobuf message for communicating between the replica and the adapter.
* Networking: Log subnet record at startup
* Networking: make canister http adapter client generic
* Networking: Make the internal TxOut::script_pubkey be Vec<u8>
* Networking: Make the stream event channel be responsible only for connection events
* Networking: Move the transport types into the transport interface
* Networking: Remove redundant CLI options
* Networking: Remove the dependency on candid for the error_types
* Networking: bump clap version
* Networking: use socks proxy to make outgoing connections in http adapter
* Node: Add flag to pull dc id from registry
* Orchestrator: Add logs into StateManager constructor
* Orchestrator: Adds a timeout on image file download
* Orchestrator: remove population of iDKG keys in ic-prep
* Orchestrator: Sync the GRUB file on boot confirmation
* Orchestrator: Upgrade/Downgrade tests
* Various bugfixes and test updates

This weeks rollout went well as usual. Next week’s release was already announced.

The rollout was completed today by updating the NNS and the unassigned nodes.