Questions about converting ICP into Cycles (Gas)

Questions about converting ICP into Cycles (Gas)

Local development environment

Can I emulate in a local environment the full cycle of financing canisters

Very brief logic of actions:

  1. Users deposit ICP (to their wallet)

  2. The user dissolves them (ICP) in cycles

  3. Selects destination canisters and finances them in cycles.

At the moment I realized that it is necessary (for me) to create support cans in the local network

Exactly this one:

And if possible:

Can you tell me where to get the sources for compilation and deployment. Or is that not enough?

In the developer docs it is described how to set up the ledger locally, and this can be done for other ledger canisters too.
This is the script we use to set up the full NNS canister set locally for DFX’s CI, including a patch that allows setting the cycles <> XDR rate locally instead of by NNS proposal; we then use it in these tests.
The one thing you can’t do is deploy a canister through the NNS, since it expects subnets to exist and on the local replica they do not exist. However, I think you can mint cycles to a canister already created through dfx canister create.