Local Development test environment

I have set up the ICP ledger locally and have tested my dapp with it.
Now i want to test some functions of cycle minting canister (locally), but couldn’t find a resource for this task.

Is there a way to do it ?

Have a look at this recent thread: Could we deploy a canister on a specified subnet? - #24 by Severin

There @Severin suggested to use this fake-cmc locally.

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I looked into the code, there is no top-up function on the fake cmc
i wanted to specifically top-up my canister by calling this function.

Is there any way to mimic the mainnet behaviour on a local environment?

My overall goal is to use local ICP token for transfer functionality and use them to top-up my canister

In this case it’s probably easiest if you use the dfx nns extension. Here’s how we install it in CI