Why is there no all around (local) testnet?

So far, I only found ccyanxyz’s efforts to change this (How to setup a local development environment / local testnet?).

To my knowledge, only the local deployment of the DFX canister SDK and the Internet Identity are documented. What about the other parts like the NNS or the ICP ledger?

I’m trying to figure out how I can test an application end-to-end that includes ICP and cycles.
There seem to be some very experienced developers on this forum that have set up their individual dev environment on their own. But shouldn’t it be dfinity’s goal to provide a proper dev ecosystem to as many devs as possible?


We made some effort but only managed to deploy 3 system level canisters locally: ledger, cycles-minting & identity

Thank’s for your efforts anyway. Would you mind to share how you deployed the icp ledger and the cycles-minting?

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