Node Installation & Startup

Hi @diegop,

I was wondering if anyone at the foundation could answer a few questions related to the installation of an IC node.

  1. Where does the node boot software come from and how is it installed? (Dom previously shared a tweet saying there were no hard drives so I’m curious where the boot software resides. Flash device, or network boot possibly?)

  2. Are there any binaries that have to be manually installed by the providers? If so can you describe their purpose?

  3. Is the same install procedure used for nodes running in the system subnet or are there additional binaries that have to be installed? (Governance canister for example)

Thank you!


I’m curious, as well. If Dom has stated that there are no hard drives, then I would imagine that netboot must be used. Is this something that is done verifiably through the subnet node onboarding process? It seems like the CUP (catch-up package) may be a good candidate for an “node-in-a-box” binary package. But that may be a higher abstraction than bare metal OS on the Dells.