NNS dapp "Voting" tab in Svelte live

As you may know we are rewriting the frontend of NNS dapp (related post for more details).

Today is for me a particular important milestone as the new version of the NNS dapp that has been deployed introduces all proposals’ features rewritten in Svelte. As of this version, the “Voting” tab and the detail page related to the proposals are now served with the new app (repo) that lives next to the Flutter app.

I hope you will share my enthusiasm and let me know if you have questions or observations.

P.S.: While releasing we noticed a couple of minor issues we directly solved. We aim to propose these fix and improvements within next few days (related PR are #698, #690 and #697)



That’s a good news :partying_face:
The voting tab was one of the pain points, now it feels smooth and snappy, great work :rocket:


Great to hear that! Thanks for the feedback :smiley: