The NNS Is too slow

Recent proposal by ysmsm is correct, why is the nns so badly coded and slow? opening voting page creates a new page even, why?

-Add “Vote for all open” option. Yes it’s lazy but most people do it this way, and most real life voting is already conducted this way (vote all down ballot)

-Make scrolling smooth not insanely choppy like 1990s cpu

-Remove confirmation/authenticate page from II login, seriously why do i need that when i already entered the web url….

add more below, there’s more im forgetting but the NNS is so bad i can’t list all

Also design can use so much work. Take example from your projects

Ok. Yes NNS UI is slow. The use of Flutter was non-optimal. However it is IN PRODUCTION.

The UI team is making progress…but, making architectural changes(flutter to svelte) IN PRODUCTION is non-trivial and takes time.

Give credit where credit is due.


I would suggest using the forum search before making new threads on things that have already been addressed.