Is the NNS UI team around? Suggestions/Requests

A couple of suggestions for the NNS that would be nice to have. One is a convenience for app devs and one would be really helpful for

  1. Is there a workflow we can put in place so that app devs can more easily have users ‘fund’ the account ID for their unique Internet Identity account? I’ve run across this a couple of times where devs have complained that it is a multi-step process. It would be great if I could give the user a link like Internet Computer Content Validation Bootstrap that would preload the transaction in the NNS so the user can select a from-account and authorize it.

  2. Can we put back the Manage Neuron topic with a clear description and warning of what it does? I think I requested its removal months ago when there was not enough description of what it did(I and others gave the dfinity foundation control of our neurons). Now I really need it for because one of the fundraising mechanisms is to have users ‘dedicate’ their neurons to the charity. They get to keep the ICP staked in a neuron, but ICDevs can harvest the maturity on the neuron as a donation. I’ve found a way to hack this in the nns(see the absurd instruction on, but it isn’t a long-term solution.



This is still very relevant to me as I a user today had to go through the headache of finding the new breakpoint in the nns UI code. If someone could reach out from the NNS team I’d appreciate it.

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Hi @skilesare, thanks for your feedback. We’re now in the process of rewriting the NNS dapp (see this post). For the time being, we won’t be able to introduce new features unfortunately.

I’d suggest that you file your suggestions as issues on Github, and the team can look into those once the rewrite is complete.

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Hi @ielashi possible to get an update on the status of the NNS App rewrite? ty!


Here are some updates on this:

  1. Network Nervous System Dapp is Moving to Svelte
  2. NNS dapp "Voting" tab in Svelte live