NNS dapp two new cool features 😎

Hey :wave:

A new NNS-dapp proposal was executed earlier today. It introduces two new cool features that are worth mentionning I think. Particularly the first one that targets us, devs :nerd_face:.

  • Cycles and status are now displayed on the canisters’ dashboard. The values are fetched on the client side and refreshed - if the view is kept open - in a web worker every minute (for now at least). An handy way to get a “realtime” overview all at once.

  • As for NNS neurons, hardware wallet neurons can as of now also be merged. You might have to upgrade your Ledger hardware wallet to the latest version if you are looking to do it, but kind of cool to make the features available for such types of neurons too.

Let me know if you have any questions or observations.

Happy weekend :sunny:

A screenshot of my canisters :smiley:


great, thanks!

no data for assets canister, right?

right. “only” cycles, memory and status of those canisters your nns-dapp principal is a controller of. if no controller, then no information are displayed.