NNS Dapp Frontend Extremely Slow

Is anyone else running into this UX issue? The NNS frontend seems to be extremely slow for me. I’m not talking about waiting for update calls, I’m talking about just navigating and scrolling around the frontend app. It seems very resource-intensive at times as well, causing my computer fans to kick in. And my computer is relatively okay, 16gb ram and core i7 9th gen.

It’s especially slow when I’m trying to manage the followees of a neuron that I’m the hotkey for.


I’ve heard that they are rewriting their frontend. I’ve experienced the same issue as you



  1. High-level: yes. That’s why it’s being rewritten one component at a time in svelte. Unfortunately, I have heard that as it is a hybrid framework dapp, it can be more sluggish during transition

  2. Short term: did you notice something drastically different recently? Maybe a recent release is buggy. And we should look into it.

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I’m not sure, I was using Brave with a tor tab before so I expected it to be slow. But I’ve setup a hotkey and have been using a normal chrome tab recently and it was still very slow so I then brought it up.

I went to try and see the new named followees and it would barely load

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It’s always really slow at the beginning for me. Then, after a couple of interactions, it gets faster. I don’t know why. Not sure if it’s a Flutter thing or a NNS dapp thing…

I use Brave on desktop and Android, slow for both.

I believe it mostly happens if you click into your neuron. That seems to try and load the entire voting history of your neuron as a scrollable list. Which makes the entire app laggy.

It also doesn’t help that visible elements in a Flutter app are canvas elements which act like opaque blobs with data being loaded into them. As opposed to normal hierarchial HTML elements that browsers can parse and optimise.

P.S. I run into the same laggy frontend on a machine with a Ryzen 3700 and 32 gigs of RAM

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That’s weird about Flutter, I don’t think I’m a fan. I’ve noticed sometimes I can’t copy values from the NNS frontend (important for me as I record information for tax purposes), so I have to manually remember tons of digits

I thought the NNS frontend was wriiten in React, was it changed to Flutter?

It has always been flutter, fwiw. At very least since Genesis.

Sorry for the late chime-in, I was wondering if it’s a similar explanation for why the dapp crashes on iOS when scrolling through proposals?

Fair question. Ultimately the answer is the dapp is not where it should be. That’s why it’s being refactored.

If you want a low-level answer (such as what is happening under the hood), I can ask if you wish.

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Thank you for your quick response, and if you could, I’d appreciate a low level answer too please :).