What is the best place to report bugs and feature requests for the nns dapp?

After staking some Neurons, these popped in my mind:

  1. When staking neurons, the counter for current balance doesn’t update
  2. The Slider doesn’t listen to the keyboard. Would also help to have a number input field to precisely adjust the dissolve period. Even better would be if it had some snapping points like 6M 12M 2Y, etc.
  3. What are the hours for?
  4. Why not turning it upside down: Giving a Neuron ID and then select for which topics to follow. Currently If I want to follow one specific Neuron on all topics I have to input it 10 times. Maybe it’s just because I’m using it wrong :slight_smile:
  5. There is no input validation. You can put whatever you want into the Followee Address.
  6. In general, UI and usability is very laggy. It crashes regularly when heavy used.

I agree with you, the UI on the app is not optimal and there’s a lot of improvement to be made.
I am a frontend engineer and happy to help, please @ililic let me know if I can support