Website Ultra Slow

Hi Team,

The website looks beautiful. But it’s extremely slow now. On my laptop it took forever to load, and on my phone I got stuck on this page for over 2 minutes. Very big problem. Beautiful website that no one can access isn’t helpful.

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That is certainly unusual and not the intent. Let me see what we can do to optimize this further. Thanks for the feedback!

This is helpful.

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One of the newest problems I’m seeing on the mobile side is the inability to reset the URL after timed logout.

For example, enter via, internet identity in, browse around neurons, switch to new browser tab and venture off somewhere else in web2.

A few hours later, entering in on the nns tab; it doesnt immediately drop the url past the and keeps the remaining “neurons/?u=qoctq-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx”
So when you hit refresh, it doesnt pick up that you’re trying to get back to the nns home page, and keeps 404’ing because the updates to mobile somehow broke this functionality.

Using iphone with safari, IOS 16.1.

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That one might be linked to a known boundary nodes issue - that affect the NNS subnet only I understand - and that has been fixed but not yet deployed on mainnet. The BN does not look for the service worker when a NNS-dapp sub-path - like /neurons/ - is accessed, so if the cache is outdated it leads to these kind of issues. Not 100% it is what you are facing but I would say there is a good chance.

The boundary nodes has now applied a small patch for the NNS subnet on mainnet and this should now be fixed.

It takes 3-4 seconds for me. Just to let you know the problem is not general.

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Thanks Diego. is now fast but is now slow. On my mobile. Stuck on the service worker website for another 1 minute + then gave up

Thanks for the heads up, looking into it.