NNS dapp "Accounts" and "Neurons" tabs live

Excellent! Thanks for the feedback Dave

Hey everybody :wave:

Small adds-on, we have done some extra hours today and have proposed a couple of improvements that are now deployed on mainnet.

  • we have improved the way ICP amounts are shown in the dapp, hoping it makes the values more readable (“two decimals, more decimals when necessary, zero as zero and quote for thousand separators” - PR #947 and #949)
  • buttons’ height on mobile devices should now be aligned (“same height everywhere” - PR #948 and #944)
  • the grey-ish background for cards within the detail of the proposals is back (PR #935)

Hope these small adjustments are cool!?!


I agree with the idea of taking an optimistic approach after a vote is cast and moving immediately back to the proposals display instead of waiting for the new vote tally to display. We can always revisit the proposal if we want to see the vote totals update. It would be nice if we don’t have to wait before we can move to the next proposal. …that’s my $0.02


@peterparker Now that you’ve rounded off all the account balances, is there any way I can still see the exact balance of my account?? That’s important for accounting purposes.

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The exact value is due to be provided as hover text on desktop. Would that be sufficient and convenient for your purposes?

For my purposes, yes. But the mobile interface would ideally be at feature parity with the desktop interface. (Most of the Earth’s population only owns a mobile device.)

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For mobile a tooltip is envisioned; press and hold. Neither solves the problem of copying and pasting the precise value to another app; that will require some design experiments to see what works well.


Some observations:

  1. Spawning a new neuron used to take you to the page of the newly spawned neuron but that no longer happens. This confused me and almost resulted in taking action on the wrong neuron.

  2. The number of decimal places/significant digits for ICP used to be higher. I can’t help but feel that my reporting is either going to be less accurate or involve more work now. This might be more relevant as price increases, especially if there’s rounding involved.

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An optimistic approach was actually our first approach in the rewrite of the “register vote” process but it leads to side effects / issues, that’s why we ultimately implemented this conservative approach to avoid problems.

But, again, I am - we are - totally agree with you. It should be faster. Like I said above, do not have a clear plan about it but count on having a look again. Will keep the community posted.

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Count on me to always remember there are no “hover” feature on mobile devices!

As @bitdivine we might use the tooltip or our UX specialist Mischa will come with a smoother idea.

Thanks for the feedback Paul!

We implemented the same change in accounts creation - i.e. when accounts are created, users aren’t redirected to the detail page anymore. We did that change because we try to give users’ feedback either through on screen changes (like a list that is updated) or by using “green” success toasts. I also think it aligns the app to some state of the art as it is quite not common to force-navigate users.

I understand it can be surprising for users that were used to previous behavior, on the other hand feels like the new behavior is more natural for new users.

We should probably have add published a post about that particular change, sorry for that. Works for you if we stick to the new behavior?

As my colleagues said, we are thinking about adding tooltips.

When you say “I can’t help but feel that my reporting is either going to be less accurate or involve more work now.”, did you manually copied some values? can you send me a screenshot of what source of values you used for your reporting?

Knowing what sources you use for your reporting can help us provide a solution that would hopefully still be acceptable for your use case.

Guys, please, two decimals are for kids, real men need at least three decimals :sweat_smile:

Just joking :rofl:, keep up the great work :pray:!


Make sure to stake for 8 years with no dissolve to get maximum rewards and age bonus. For every 1,000 ICP staked this way, you get 25 free per month. Do the math and you will see that you get you money back quicly in rewards and keep getting rewards forever. I never want to dissolve. I just want the rewards.

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Thanks everybody for the feedback regarding the “two decimals ICP display”. To follow-up we have implemented and proposed today a first improvement that consists of displaying more decimals, if needed, on the “Neurons” tab (PR #952).

General rules are following:

  • If ICP is zero then 0 should be displayed - i.e. without decimals
  • ICP should be displayed with max. 2 decimals (12.1 → 12.10, 12.12353 → 12.12, 12.00003 → 12.00) except currently for transactions and neurons - if value has more than two decimals - and for ICP value < 0.01
  • in such case, ICP should be displayed as “detailed” - i.e. up to 8 decimals without tailing 0s

Hope that does the job for now.

We still plan to improve the usability - e.g. “if 2 decimals are displayed being able to find the 8 value decimals with something like a tooltip” and also looking forward to get some more info about the “reporting” topic @paulyoung explained above.

Have a good weekend everyone :sunny:


Not really my call :smile:

It might be nice if the call to action in the green notification was something like “Show”, where hitting it took you to the new neuron.

I’d rather not, but it’s usually the ICP value shown at the top of the neuron screen. It seems to have been changed back to how it was before on the screen.

I noticed it was still rounded on the transaction screen when sending ICP though. It would be great if this was consistent throughout the app.

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I’ll forward the idea and our discussion.

Ah good to know! We assumed you were actually creating reports of the transactions’ of the accounts.

Following feedback of the community (see above post) the display of the ICP on neurons pages has been improved on Friday indeed.

Is there any reason why we can set dissolve delay lower than 6 months when creating a new neuron? It’s a bit tedious to use the slider to set delay to 6 months exactly, there are many ways to solve this, a good start would be the set the min value to the minimum timeframe required to receive rewards, I doubt anyone wants to lock tokens for 5 months without any benefits. Dropdowns or a text field would also be nice.


accidentally came across this. amazing to be reminded how things have improved!

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