NNS dapp faster voting user experience (in test)

Even though NNS-dapp got quite a boost - performance wise - when we completed its rewrite in Svelte, the least we can say is that the “Voting” experience remained a bit a slow process.


As discussed on the forum (here or here), this was the result of a conservative UX approach to a technical limitation.

Because neurons are the source to determine the voting power, NNS-dapp has to reload their information in a secure way after each vote to determine their new power. While most of the time the dapp can perform first “query” (fast) calls and reconcile afterwards in the background “update” (slower) calls - to offer both a secure and smooth experience . this strategy is unfortunately not possible for this particular use case. Neurons have to be reloaded after vote with “update” calls (only) because “query” calls could not contain the updated information the dapp would need to prepare the next vote.

UX proposal

While we cannot overcome this technical constrain - at least on a short term - it does not mean that we cannot be creative on the UI/UX side.

That is why we would like to propose a new re-design of the “Voting” experience in NNS-dapp which would introduce a more optimistic approach and hopefully better user experience.

Instead of waiting for the completion of the votes, the dapp will optimistically display the votes as casted while processing the operations in parallel - i.e. effectively casting votes and reloading proposal and neurons. This will have for effect to shorten the act of voting, allowing the user to navigate elsewhere - e.g. to navigate to the next proposal.

While the logic remains the same, the fact that user would be able to do something else than waiting for vote completion shall give not just the feeling that the all process is faster but, also effectively shorten the time spent voting - particularly if user vote for many proposals one after the other.

Long story short

I did my best to try to describe our proposition but, nothing like a demo. That’s why we invite you to test this new feature on testnet :hugs:

:point_right: https://tzq7c-xqaaa-aaaaa-aaamq-cai.nnsdapp.dfinity.network

(do not use your regular anchor to sign-in, instead use anchor 10001, 1004 or create new test one)

Let us know what you think, looking forward to your feedback!

P.S.: this, in my personal opinion, super improvements (PR #1230) has been implemented by my colleague @mstrasinskis :muscle:



I am in full support of this. Yesterday, I was going through 10 proposals and wondering how nice it would be if the process was either faster or to do something just like this. You guys are truly amazing.


Oh awesome always nice to know people are listening.


Thanks everybody for the feedback! These were super positive (:pray:) so we went on an proposed earlier today a new version of NNS-dapp which should unleash this feature

Proposal :point_right: Internet Computer Content Validation Bootstrap

The feature is live on https://nns.ic0.app/ after the proposal was executed this morning :confetti_ball:

Looking forward to your feedback.

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Giving you one heart is not enough, so I’m speaking up : Oh dear, I was expecting so hard this feature ! Now the experience is so much better that waiting at least 6s on every proposals ! :exploding_head:
I love it and you allowed me to save hours of my life in the long run as I am manually voting on all proposal.

Thank you :pray:

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So cool to hear that, thanks for the warm feedback!

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This feature gave me a small bit of joy yesterday. I had extra time to read my son a book. Small things like this will :rocket::rocket::rocket: the ic.


Probably one of the most heart warming feedback I ever had as a software developer! Thanks, gonna share yours and the one of @dymayday with the team right now.