NNS app stopped recognizing fingerprint scanner on Macbook

Hello team,

I am basically unable to log into the NNS app; when I try, it asks me to select a security device but the fingerprint scanner of my mac is not longer an option (?). I had been using it for a few month without any issue though.
I have my seed phrase and I tried to recover the account but in order to add a new device I still need use the fingerprint scanner.

What I am doing wrong :slight_smile: ?


Maybe not relevant but I think the NNS app is broken on the new version of Safari ( v15.1 ), I’m also experiencing issues with accessing my Neuron Details. Maybe it’s related and happens on with the new update.

I tried Chrome and Safari, but I am getting the same disarming message: “Insert your security key and touch it”…

Ok, it works again - not sure why but ticket closed :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear it works!