Trouble logging in with Internet Identity

I created my Internet Identity two months ago and am having trouble logging in with the authentication method I chose. I used my Macbook fingerprint scanner and am no longer able to. Here is the error I receive (using the latest version of Google Chrome):

I choose “This device”

I then get the following error. In the past it allowed me to scan my fingerprint on this device. Any ideas what could be going wrong?

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Restarting your MacBook might solve the problem. I encountered a similar issue before, and restarting did the trick.

Here’s a link to the thread detailing the related experience, in case it’s helpful.

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@wraith1010 I find finger print login types to be sometimes not very reliable. Make sure you have backed up your seed. Hopefully you have already done so.

If finger print login doesn’t work, seed will help you recover account fully and attach a new login device.