Motoko Starter: 7 days to get started on the Internet Computer 🏁

Interested by making the transition to Web3?

Join us for a one-week training event hosted by Code & State, taking place from May 8th to May 14th. Learn Motoko, get started on the Internet Computer and meet others builders - for free! :exploding_head:

The week can be followed online from anywhere in the world or you can also join us for the physical edition, hosted in Miami :palm_tree:

If that sounds exciting, make sure to apply and we will follow up with additional informations :point_right:

Hoping to see you in the camp,


Motoko Bootcamp launches in less than 10 days!

Why should you participate?

  1. :thought_balloon: Get inspired by my journey from school dropout to a successful Internet Computer developer.
  2. :books: Discover the limitless potential of this groundbreaking technology and how it’s changing the web.
  3. :construction_worker_man: Build your first dApps from scratch and deploy it on the Internet Computer.
  4. :beers: Connect with other builders and create valuable relationships.
  5. :man_teacher: Receive step-by-step guidance and 24/7 access to technical help on our Discord.
  6. :mortar_board: Graduate and unlock access to job and funding opportunities, notably gain exclusive access to TalentDB, a leading recruiting agency in the ecosystem that connects graduates with founders and builders looking to hire new talents.

Don’t let this life-changing opportunity pass.
Join the Bootcamp NOW and build a better future for yourself and the rest of the world!
To do so, join our Discord and follow instructions for there: Motoko Bootcamp

Hoping to see you soon!