Motoko bootcamp : getting started on the IC!

Hello everyone,
I would like to introduce the Motoko Bootcamp : a one-week initiative that will take place in March (5th to 13th). :man_student:

The goal is to train new recrues about development on the IC. This bootcamp will take online, recruits will be separated into 2 groups : beginners (no/low coding experience) and intermediate (more experimented devs but not with the IC).

Each recruit will assist to virtual lectures, be assigned with challenges and join a group to learn and build with other recruits.
All participants will receive NFTs as a proof of attendance!
At the end of the week, winners will also be granted with special prizes.

This event is a huge opportunity to increase the number of developers in our community and also to increase cooperation among existing one. :grinning:

We are looking for mentors to help us with some lectures, if you think you have knowledge, would like to share it with the rest of the community, please consider joining here as a mentor : Motoko Bootcamp Mentor Onboarding Form

All participations as mentors will also be rewarded (5 ICP)
If you are interested to participate as a student or want to know more, you can read this article : Motoko Bootcamp - Supercharging the Internet Computer


Is registration for students definitely closed now? :frowning: Iā€™d really like to join!

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Sorry we had to fix a deadline and close the registration (for organization purpose) but all materials will be available freely online and if this event is a success we plan to make a second edition :man_student: