Internet Computer Online Workshop #2 | Building your Internet Computer App

Interested in building a crypto project or new breed of software, but not sure how to get started?

The DFINITY Foundation is launching a 3-part workshop to encourage tech entrepreneurs to build websites, enterprise IT systems, open internet services, smart contracts, and DeFi systems on the Internet Computer.

In order to accommodate demand and timezones, please sign-up for one of the below time slots:

Building your Internet Computer App

For Part 2 of our 3-part workshop series, we welcome tech entrepreneurs and developers to join us for a deep-dive into the tools and resources you’ll need to start building for the Internet Computer

We will cover an overview of Motoko, a new programming language optimized for the Internet Computer; an introduction to the DFINITY Canister SDK; best practices for canister architecture and front-end design; and developer tooling. We will also feature several sample app demos to show these concepts in action.

Don’t miss your chance to learn and use the Internet Computer to return the internet back to its free and open roots. At the conclusion of our 3-part workshop series, we’ll grant select participants early access to the Internet Computer platform — giving you a competitive head start amongst your crypto-curious peers.

Due to demand — space will be limited. Hope to see you there.