Motoko Bootcamp 2023 - Getting started on the Internet Computer!

Motoko Bootcamp: Everything You Need To Know!

The Internet Computer ecosystem is growing exponentially and is full of opportunities. There’s a lot to build, and if you learn how to build on the platform now, you’ll be getting in early!

This is your opportunity to enter the biggest growing Web3 ecosystem and help shape the future.

What is the Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp is a virtual event where you will join other students for one intense week of learning about the Internet Computer and Motoko.

You will assist lectures, solve challenges, and build your first project.

During the week, you will also have the opportunity to connect both with fellow students and experienced mentors from the community.

How can I apply?

To apply, fill out this form: Registration.

:warning: This form doesn’t guarantee your entrance into the Bootcamp, we want to make this event as accessible as possible, but given the overwhelming interest, we might have to limit the number of participants and operate a selection.

Is it free?

100% free, you can even earn rewards during the Bootcamp.

I’m a complete newbie, can I still apply?

Yes! It only takes 5 minutes.

However, understand that we will prioritize profiles with experience.

The Bootcamp cannot replace a proper introduction to coding and/or Computer Science so make sure to prepare for the Bootcamp by getting familiar with the following topics:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript/Typescript
  • Node.js
  • Git
  • Using a Terminal

There are many excellent YouTube videos and online resources for learning the basics of each of the above topics.

:warning: Entrance into the Bootcamp will require completing basic coding challenges to make sure that all students have the required level to follow during the week.

There will be more Bootcamps in the future, so don’t stress out if you are not ready for this edition. We will be there for you when you are ready!

How much time will I need to allocate during the week?

Learning enough to start building real dApps on the Internet Computer in one week is a challenging task!

If you are targeting to complete all challenges and assist all lectures: the Bootcamp will require your full attention during the 7 days (yes, the weekend is included!). You will need to spend between 6 and 8 hours per day.

You can also follow along at your pace but obtaining the notorious Motoko Bootcamp Diploma will require completing challenges on time.

Are you planning to do other languages than Motoko?

Due to timeline constraints, this Bootcamp is focused on Motoko but the form to register includes a section where you can select the language you would prefer to use to build on the IC (Rust/Motoko/Typescript/Python).

Additional languages will be considered for future editions!

How will different time zones be handled?

We are expecting students and contributors from all over the world and that’s incredibly exciting but also incredibly challenging.

Whenever we schedule a lecture, it will always be inconvenient for some time zones — that is why all lectures will be recorded and recordings will be available as fast as possible after the lecture.

We are collaborating with contributors from different time zones, so there will always be someone in charge during the event and several people to help you.

How can I contribute to this event?

Motoko Bootcamp is a community lead event, we are looking for contributors in the community to help us out during the event!

We are also looking for partners in the ecosystem that want to sponsor the event.

If you are interested in contributing or sponsoring, make sure to fill out this form: Contributor registration.

Also check out the list of available roles: Bootcamp roles.

What happens after Motoko Bootcamp? Can I find a job?

All students who successfully complete Motoko Bootcamp and all contributors will be distributed a soul-bound token(NFT) that corresponds to a diploma/certificate and acts as proof of graduation/proof of contribution.

The famous diploma that was distributed to graduates (and contributors!) of the Motoko Bootcamp 2022.

This NFT gives lifetime access to an exclusive DSCVR portal. We are in contact with several top startups in the ecosystem to work on opportunities for Bootcamp graduates and contributors.

Finding a job after the Bootcamp is possible depending on your level of experience and how much effort you’re ready to put into this Bootcamp. We are currently in discussion with several projects to offer job opportunities to graduates!

Ultimately, what will happen is up to you and the rest of the Bootcamp community: we will be part of the first community of developers on a platform that has the potential to start a global technological revolution.

We are hoping to start a positive movement and count on your help: connect with other builders, help us spread the word about the Internet Computer, participate in the organization of future editions (or create your own version of the Bootcamp!), and build the infrastructure needed to make education and future Bootcamps even more incredible. The possibilities are endless…

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Motoko Bootcamp is looking for contributors! :rotating_light:

Looking for:

  • Developers
  • Translators
  • Partners & sponsors
  • ICP enthusiast & more
    All contributors will be heavily rewarded and given lifetime status of contributors !

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