Mnemonic word failure,please help me

Hello everyone, my ICP pledge cannot be logged in after a month of normal use of NNS, and my mnemonic is invalid. It is well known that the mnemonic and identity anchor come together when the identity is created, and I recorded them with my camera and recovered an account using the mnemonic and identity anchor. So I can guarantee that my mnemonic and identity anchor are correct, but when I logged into my account again last Friday, it showed me the wrong identity anchor, and then I recovered it with my mnemonic, it showed me my invalid mnemonic. I think it’s a system error. When I said this might be a system bug, the official has not replied to me for four days, please help me, thank you.

That might be what the same issue im having currently as i cant seem to be able to use my seed recovery phrase to recover my account

Can you tell me your details, so we can defend your rights together. Let the authorities take it seriously

check my post

I wrote you back. You can try it

Didn’t work but thanks
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