Mnemonic word failure

Hello everyone, my ICP pledge cannot be logged in after a month of normal use of NNS, and my mnemonic is invalid. It is well known that the mnemonic and the identity anchor come together when creating an identity, I recorded them with my camera, and I recovered an account once using the mnemonic and the identity anchor. So I can guarantee that my mnemonic and identity anchor is correct, but when I logged in to my account again last Friday it showed me the wrong identity anchor, and THEN I used my mnemonic to recover it, it showed me the invalid mnemonic. I think this is a system bug. Please help me, thank you.

Hi there,

I just saw this and your message on Reddit:

I myself cannot help, but know that I have escalated to the support team to see if there is any troubleshooting they can help with.

Quite frankly, since it’s late friday PST and very early Saturday morning Zurich time, I think it may take a few while to reply, but know they will reply.

Thank you for your answer. I submitted the official support the day before yesterday, but they still think I can’t operate it. When I said it might be a system bug, they didn’t reply to me again.

Is there any update on this? For those of us on relying on cold storage of mnemonic words, do we need to retest the recovery mechanisms?

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No, there is no progress at present, I need your help, thank you

No, there is no progress at present, I need your help, thank you

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