Failed to authenticate using this seed phrase

@diegop @nmattia please I need your help. I can’t recover my account. It seems my seed phrase wasn’t registered or something I don’t understand. I had to format my phone and all this issue rose up.

Any time I entered my seed phrase, I do get this error message:

“Failed to authenticate using this seed phrase. Did you enter it correctly?”

And I’m sure my phrase is correct, but yet Icp won’t grant me access to my account. I don’t remember adding additional phone as recovery measure, I only save my Anchor and phrase.

Please I need your expertise to have my account recovered.

Thank you

Hi there @dipobukola ,

I want to be helpful, there may be some small issue blocking you. I will ping the support team to check the usual things we have seen.

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Alright, thank you so much for your response. I Wii be more than grateful @diegop

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I understand that you’re getting the following error when entering your recovery phrase:

“Failed to authenticate using this recovery phrase. Did you enter it correctly?"

If you entered your seed phrase to recover your account, and you’re 100% sure that you entered it correctly, then it sounds like you may have accidentally removed your recovery phrase. The Internet Identity service offers a feature to protect your security phrase to prevent it from being deleted by accident. See here for more information:

An alternative is that you may have had your account compromised, and the recovery phrase was removed, and changed.

The final possibility is that you have incorrectly copied down your recovery phrase. Please note, the first word of your recovery phrase always corresponds to your anchor id.

If you have your Internet Identity tied to only one device and you happen to lose access on that device, you would be locked out unless you have correctly saved your recovery phrase. As a best practice, we always recommend that you add multiple devices to your Internet Identity.

If you have your recovery phrase, you can recover your identity by adding a new device to your account. You can follow these steps to recover your Internet Identity if you have your recovery phrase:

  1. Enter the identity anchor.
  2. Click the “Lost access and want to recover” link on the login page.
  3. Enter the recovery phrase.
  4. Then register a new device (such as a phone, security key, etc.) for login.

Check our Developer Center to learn more about how to add more devices.

In the meantime, the best recovery strategy is to add extra devices or a Yubikey to your account. For more information about Identity and the NNS, please check out our FAQ pages.

This is awesome and should be able to solve the issue, but upon entering my phrase as aforementioned by your response, the error message
"Failed to authenticate… Always pops up, so like that I won’t be able to proceed to adding a new device or further progress in it recovery.

I want to believe my phrase was deleted or changed by the system, as I am 100% sure of it.

In the light of this, I opened another account, which after a month or so, I couldn’t access it with the seed Phrase after I formatted my phone, so I want to believe the issue was entire from the system configuration.

I entered the same phrase to log in to icpswap and it was accepted, so I think it was deleted or changed.

Please what else can be done as this is seen to have been an issue from the source. I have my anchor and phrase, hey couldn’t access my account.

Please help to further assist on this. Have funds and assets in hundreds on dollars please

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Hi @dipobukola,

Can you clarify this? I’m not familiar with icpswap; what kind of login do they use?