Merge Neuron Functionality Missing?

I can see that the merge neurons feature is deployed and when I click on “See Live Changes”, it takes me to the NNS. However, the merge neuron button is not there. Can someone please explain what’s going on with this?


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would be great to know this also

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Anything? Really trying to use this.

Yet again bumping this. Can anyone from Dfinity comment?

Sorry, I just saw this thread. I can clarify:

  1. The NNS now has “merge neuron” functionality. It is supported in its methods/API so any dapps that talk to the NNS can use this functionality.

  2. For many consumers, they only care that it’s easily available to them. It is available via quill (command line governance). It is not currently yet available on NNS frontend dapp. The reason is simple: the NNS Frontend dapp team (an L2 to the Blockchain’s L1) has been working on rewriting the NNS frontend dapp into the Svelte web framework (which would make it much snappier and much better user experience). Until the dapp is fully rewritten, they prefer to add minimal new features to the existing web framework (Flutter). The current thesis is that the UX gains from rewriting it is priority 1 for them.

  3. Since the NNS frontend dapp is very important and handles tokens, updating it securely (the dapp goes through lots of security reviews) is slower than just copying the dapp from Flutter to Svelte.

Fwiw, I am also desperate for this feature… i have way, way too many neurons floating around my NNS frontend dapp (i merged the ones I had created with Quill).


Thanks a ton for your response, Diego!

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You are very much welcome!

When exactly will the “merge neurons” functionality become visible for usage on the NNS App? I’m very eager to consolidate al my neurons into one. Many thanks!

Hello, the work on adding Merge Neurons to the NNS dapp is well underway. I cannot give an exact timeframe, but as far as I’m aware, there are only review requirements standing in the way at this point. I’ll poke a few bears and see what the hold up is about.