Merge Neuron(s) function

Many NNS users want to merge their neurons into one neuron. I would be very happy if this feature is introduced in the coming days. For example, I have 8 neurons that I really want to merge.


Hi Emrah, this functionality became part of the NNS about two weeks ago, we are now working on the UI aspects for the NNS dapp. It is coming!


Are you sure it works with seed neurons? I keep getting …

“No neuron ID specified in the management request.”

when there’s definitely one. It seems to get past all the checks in merge_neurons() and then fails on manage_neuron_internal()

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Looking at the code, it looks like this happens if:

  • The neuron id or subaccount does not exist;
  • You are referring to the neuron by subaccount, but that subaccount does not reference a neuron.

This happens before the merge neuron function is ever called, and is part of the setup in manage_neuron before calling the specified neuron management command.

The next step would be to confirm the neuron that you’re referencing. Can you please try another management command, like adding and then removing a hot key?

I would also be curious to know how you are sending this neuron management command. Is it with quill? If so, can you paste the quill command (without the specific neuron or account ids, of course)?

I’m just using two neuron IDs (the ID and the source_neuron_id). Let me have a quick go with quill because this is going to be such a timesaver if I can get it working!

EDIT: Hmmm, no luck and tired. Will try in the morning, thanks!

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When will the merge neuron function appear in NNS?

It’s coming soon, but I don’t have a time-frame yet. We are working on a new frontend based on Svelte, so it slows things down if a feature also has to be implemented for the older Flutter frontend.

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Hi John
I have created a neuron controlled by Ledger Nano device. Everything worked very well until I tried to merge the maturity where is says the function is not implemented with those devices. Was quiet a surprise. Is the merge maturity been working for Nano Ledger device?
Do you expect to have the merge neuron to work with those devices?
thanks for the hint on this

That feature has been implemented, but not yet release on the Ledger app site. So it’s coming, but you can’t merge maturity just yet with the Ledger device.

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I stil dont see that merge button next to the split button, however on the roadmap it says the function is “Deployed”. Which one it is, deploy or not deployed? Any comments?

It is deployed. Just not yet included into the front end.

So we cant use it yet in the NNS?

You can, but not using the front end, so not if you are not familiar with coding, you can’t yet, but very soon.

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No clue, im a simpel network manager. Coding is not my area. But thanks for the reply

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It will probably be a while before the update appears with merging neurons. Can a developer possibly explain to us how to merge it manually? It would be best if it were simple or detailed with pictures etc. That would help everyone who would like to merge neurons before the update appears.

Thanks in advance.


We initialized the releasing process. However while testing we discovered an edge case issue which we would like to fix first. I cannot give you a precise eta on when it will be deployed in production - I don’t work directly on this - but it is definitely our will to move forward aka sooner than “in a while”. We are actively working on it. As soon as I get any news, I’ll update the thread.


Given that the release is imminent, I think it would not be a good use of time to attempt to create effective user documentation for a manual process. It should be coming soon, thank you for your patience!


I got a question for neuron merging: how does it affect the age bonus of the neurons? Does it have the same impact as increasing the stake (topping up) of the Neuron, in which the age of the Neuron changes?

When you merge two neurons, any age accumulated in the neurons is combined – assuming they are both non-dissolving at the time you merge.

If the source neuron has no age, then the final age will be the exact same as just increasing the stake by that same maturity.

If the source neuron does have age, though, then final result will be: (source_stake * source_age + target_stake * target_age) / (source_stake + target_stake).


Thanks so much for introducing the merge function.

Sorry can you clarify, what happens to the age of combined neurones, I combined two neurones and the new neuron had the age of the one with the longest dissolve not the combined age. Actually that’s what I would want and expect to happen, so not sure what you mean by combined?
I cant see many people wanting to add the two ages together to increase the total age when they merge.

Also I see we can’t use this merge function on hot keyed neurons in the NNS app. Since seed and early contributor token holders would be the people who need this merge function the most is there are way we can combine our neurons?

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