Megathread: Community Submissions for DFINITY Foundation’s Roadmap

Please scale subnets:


Just had a conversation with @lastmjs . Would be great if dfx could start a replica with all the main canisters - the ledger, governance, management etc installed for local testing. Otherwise testing complex canisters locally is quite difficult. I think this should be high up on the priority list.


The current NNS is not a safe sustainable governance system in the long-term. As long as it is purely POS based, it is subject to manipulation and rug pull. Through any type of fraud and/or collaboration of whales, it is possible to propose and accept a network killing proposal and effectively clean out neurons (AFAIK you could propose and alter anything). And even in best cases, this will only create (deserved) FUD over who has control, until the system inevitably adopts a better approach.

I propose to look towards a more thorough and community based governance system, like 1hive has proposed. Something like the Gardens concept,
gardens. substack. com/p/introducing-gardens


Hi @diegop Many developers express need for a testnet. Any suggestion?


Is it possible to work on canister upgrade data migration ? (Questions about data structures and migrations)
Also intercanister query calls.


This should be released before “canisters can hold ICP” is activated. We need a testnet version that enables(or gets rid of the whitelist) holding ICP so that we can test those services.


You are certainly not the first to ask for this. Can I ask the intent to make sure I am not missing any? Do you mean you want a subnet where you can deploy canisters without having to pay? If so, that is actually one of the intent by the cycles faucet from Fleek (you get free cycles so you can deploy to any subnet):

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Stay Tuned :slight_smile: This is currently the most requested feature and the Foundation has listened.

this thread MAY answer your question (or it may not), depending in your intent: Rust Version of Actor Class

Can you let me know.

I think you wrote (understandably) in quick shorthand, so just to make sure I follow:

  1. We do have a VS Code plugin: Motoko - Visual Studio Marketplace

  2. I think you are saying that you would like better code formatting. Any example of what you’d like may be helpful. This may be super trivial or complex depending on a bit of more context.

cc @kritzcreek (who worked in the VS code plugin)

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Very reasonable. FWIW, This has always been our intent, but we got pulled into different directions and more urgent matters. Glad to know folks would find it helpful


Yes, I do have one actually.

(linking to my latest comment in this thread)

Would this work? or am i missing some nuance?

Goodness me, yes, please.


The usecase of a testnet is to have well, a testing environment, where ICP and cycle value is basically 0. This allows developers to test NNS integrations (eg. ledger and governance) without fear of losing money. This also allows us to test integrations with other services (eg. DeFi apps) before launching on mainnet.

This is in addition to a local dfx environment that includes all NNS canisters. Both are desirable to have.


Ah yes of course. I totally forgot that when I replied last night. One not just needs toy cycles but also toy ICP to test defi and toy NNS. To be honest, I had heard that but totally blanked late night when I replied.

Apologies, folks. Makes sense.

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Good to know you consider it a priority.


Hey folks!

Re: Inter canister query calls

Following up on the update from this week:

We are spinning off this week one of the most desired features from the Roadmap: Inter Canister Query Calls :trumpet: :trumpet: :boom:

You can see the thread here: Inter-Canister Query Calls (Status: done)

Thank you to everyone who has been incredibly active in the thread. We really appreciate it and are greatly humbled by so many smart people dedicating time into this project that some of us have spent years on.

Whether you have spent years or minutes learning about the Internet Computer, I salute you :bowing_man:

Please expect other suggestions to spin-off and become prioritize, but in the meantime, don’t miss out on the action going on in Increased Canister Smart Contract Memory - #56 by nomeata


cc @witter @wang who were among those who suggested it.

I agree with everyone talking about testnets, I think we need an environment, possibly completely separate from the IC for security reasons, that doesn’t store things of monetary or other value. A real playground like the Ethereum testnets


Edit: moved to: Make HTTP Gateway spec public/open source

I would like to propose that the HTTP Gateway spec be made public/open source along with a process for proposing updates to the spec.


Edit: moved to Upgrade HTTP request calls from `query` to `update` (upon canister's request)

I would also like to propose that my PR to upgrade HTTP request calls from query to update (upon canister’s request) be considered for merging, with some feedback about anything that may be blocking it.


I say choosing to make a http-request into an update call is a portant one.

Also bout a test-net, personal ly I don’t see the need for a testnet besides a local one. I don’t even use the local one most of the time I am testing on the main net bc that’s where the code will run anyway.

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