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:hammer_and_pick: The Internet Computer Roadmap

Since the Internet Computer’s public launch, the DFINITY Foundation is now one of many contributors to the network. Technical contributions to the Internet Computer roadmap are subject to community discussion, voting, & approval.

Track the proposed roadmap here: https://dfinity.org/roadmap

At each lifecycle stage, proposed roadmap items—e.g., Ethereum & Bitcoin direct integrations, increased Canister storage—will be voted on via NNS proposals. The community decides what the Foundation is working on & what code is adopted, allowing the Internet Computer to continue to evolve in real time.

Neuron holders govern the network, and have the ability to direct the Foundation’s effort in making the Internet Computer more efficient, faster, and easier to use for developers. You can find the breakdown of proposed Internet Computer upgrades and join the discussion to help shape the Internet Computer roadmap in this forum.